Nascar Simulation: This game was my first game that I released. The game isn't very intuitive so I wrote an instruction document to help people play the game. Not everything in this game works, but I tried my best. I will probably not go back and finish it, because the code is very messy. picture from nascar simulation

Mowing Sensation: This game was made for a teacher that loves mowing lawns. The game is pretty fun except for the enrealistic mowing. Along with Nascar Simulation I will probably never go back and redo this one. I'm not really into making a good mowing game so this is how it's going to be.
Boy was I wrong!!!
Mowing Sensation 2 is available and really fun to play! picture from mowing sensation

Formula 1 Sensation: This game is very fun, but with only one track it can get kind of boring. My goal is to come back to this game and totally remake it. I want to be able to add tracks and make it so you can have a totally customizable car. I don't know when I'll get around to remaking this since I don't know when I'll be done with my other projects. picture from Formula 1 Sensation

French & Indian War: This game was made as an assignment and I felt really rushed making it. I did get it done though and if you want to learn about the French and Indian War this should teach you. picture from my game about the French and Indian War

No Internet Game (T-rex game): This game was made to prove that I could recreate a game. After seeing some thumbnails saying "easiest game to make" I took that it a challenge and recreated T-rex game with a very different features such as, different T-rex colors, nice title page, and a very different gameplay. picture of the title screen on my version of T-rex game

Easter Program: This program shows what happened on Easter. picture of easter week animation

Among The Clue: This is a game that looks like Among Us and kind of plays like it, but with a twist.
To win you have to figure out who did the crime and in which room.
The way you do this is by completing tasks and getting clues. Then you can use these clues to help figure out who did the crime.
This game took me so long to make so please show some support. Picture of among the clue homepage

Mowing Sensation 2: This game is the second (better) version of Mowing Sensation
It plays pretty much like Mowing Sensation, but has better maps, and a better mowing system
You also have to puchase the skins and better mowers.
It will take a little bit (more than 30 min) to get the zero turn mowers Picture of Mowing Sensation 2 homepage